"Because nature has so much more taste than what is available in supermarkets"


Your plants get exactly what they need at the right moment, Fresh Square takes care of everything. Just relax and look at the beauty of nature.


Each unit allows you to grow as much as 12 plants. You can clip together several units to increase your food production.

Healthy and tasty

Fresh Square’s veggies are very rich, tasty and healthy since they grow in a soil made of organic waste. Nutrients and with no pesticides. Harvest the freshest food and savour it.

  • Healthy Plants

    Your seeds are organic and promote different, rarer varieties. Of course they are non-GMO, and they grow with no pesticides. Experience new tastes and extreme freshness.

  • A living soil

    The soil is 100% made out of organic waste (compost, manure…). They are strong fertilizers and full of helpful microorganisms. Above all, it is an efficient way to reuse waste from our human activities.

  • A sustainable Fresh Square

    It is made out of sustainable, recycled and biodegradable materials. The low-energy LED lights enable you to have local food all year long. However, if you have plenty of sunlight, just take the lid off to let your plants take advantage of it!


The Fresh Square

Choose how many units you want to clip together. With one unit you can already grow as many as 12 plants! Plug it and fill up the water tank.


The refills

They include seeds and nutrients for many months. Choose the plant and clip the refill. Your plants are already growing…


The taste

Enjoy your plants for many months. Once you have harvested it all, insert a new refill.





We are on a mission to bring back trust into our food while building a low carbon society.

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